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Publications (*corresponding author)

  1. 2024: Annan W.E., . Asamani Asanti, E., White, D*. Mathematical model for rod outer segment dynamics during
    retinal detachment and reattachment.

  2. 2023:  Gilliam, L.,  Willoughby, J., Annan, W., White, D.,  and Jensen, A.J*. Overexpression of Rheb, a positive Tor regulator, reveals principles of rod outer segment size control. BioRxiv

  3.  2022: Amoah-Darko, F.L and White, D.* A model for microtubule dynamical instability: growth, shortening, and pause. Journal of Theoretical Biology.

  4. 2022: Dalton M., Dougall P., Amoah-Darko F.L., Annan W., Asante-Asamani E., Bailey S., Greene J., White D.* Modeling Optimal Reopening Strategies for COVID-19 and its Variants by Keeping Infections Low and Fixing Testing Capacity.  PLOS ONE.

  5. 2022: White, D.*, Antoniou, T.,  Martin, J., Twiss, M. R. A Machine-Learning Approach to Predict Biocontrol Success of Invasive Eurasian Watermilfoil Reduction.  Ecological Applications.

  6. 2019: Honore, S., Hubert, F., Tournus, M., White, D*. A growth-fragmentation approach for modeling microtubule dynamic instability; Bulletin of Mathematical Biology.

  7. 2018: Gallaher, J., Larripa, K., Renardy, M., Shtylla, B., Tania, N.,White, D., Wood, K. Zhu,K., Passey, K., Robbins, M., Bezman, N., Shelat, S., Cho, J., Moore, H*. Methods for determining key components in a mathematical model for tumor-immune dynamics in multiple myeloma; The Journal of Theoretical Biology.

  8. 2018: Gallaher, J., Larripa, K., Ledzewicz, U., Renardy, M., Shtylla, B., Tania, N.,White, D.,Wood, K. Zhu, K., Passey, K., Robbins, M., Bezman, N., Shelat, S., Hearn, J.C., Moore, H*. A mathematical model for tumor-immune dynamics in multiple myeloma; Chapter in “Understanding Complex Biological Systems with Mathematics”, Springer, Verlag.

  9. 2017: White, D.*, Honore, S., Hubert, F. A new mathematical model for microtubule dynamic instability: exploring the effect of end-binding proteins and microtubule targeting chemotherapy drugs; Journal of Theoretical Biology.

  10. 2017: Hillen, T., White, D., de Vries, G., Dawes, A. Existence and Uniqueness for a Coupled PDE Model for Motor-Induced Microtubule Organization; Journal of Biological Dynamics.

  11. 2017 Barlukova, A.,White, D., Henry, G., Honore, S., Hubert, F. Mathematical modeling of micro-tubule dynamic instability: new insight into the link between GTP-hydrolysis and microtubule aging; Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis.

  12. 2016: White, D.*, et al. Building a 3D virtual liver: An approach for generating vasculature, as well as simulation of blood flow and hepatic clearance on 3D structures; PLOS ONE.

  13. 2015: White, D.*, et al. Microtubule Patterning in the Presence of Moving Motor Distributions; Journal of Theoretical Biology.

  14. 2014: Tuszynski, J., et al. Mathematical and computational modeling in biology at multiple scales;Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling.

  15. 2014: White, D.*, et al. Microtubule Patterning in the Presence of Stationary Motor Distributions; Bulletin of Mathematical Biology.

  16. 2014: Saberi, M., et al. Geometrical Comparison of Two Protein Structures Using Wigner-D Func-tions; Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics.

Papers submitted

17. 2023:  Luo, R., et al. Estimation of Time-Dependent Transmission Rate for COVID-19 SVIRD Model Using Predictor-Corrector Algorithm; Chapter in Understanding Complex Biological Systems with Mathematics, Springer, Verlag.

Papers close to submission

18. 2023: D. White*, N. Bohl, I., Twiss, M. Modeling growth, spread, and sustainable control of invasive watermilfoil. To be submitted to the Journal of Mathematical Biosciences.

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