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Students (undergraduate and graduate)


Jillian Neaves 

Undergraduate in Molecular Biology

Jillian working with highschool students from the Indian River Highschool summer 2021: showing them how to dry and weigh invasive watermilfoil


Noah Bohl

Undergraduate in Environmental Engineering

Noah working with highschool students from the Indian River Highschool summer 2021: Showing them how to do phosphorus measurements.


Nathalie Barrios and Nicolas Bos-Lad

Psychology and Data Science

Nathalie and Nicolas (extreme right of photo) working with high school students from the Indian River High School. They are collecting field data to use as inputs into a predictive model of bio-control success at invasive Eurasian watermifoil reduction (funded through Project WHIRL).


Faichal Ayeva presenting his winning poster at Clarkson's 2019 Summer RAPs conference.

Undergraduate in Electrical Engineering

Faichal developed an ABM to describe the interactions between bacteria and protozoa (pest and predator). This year, Faichal is working on developing a tutorial for ABM of biological systems to be used in an upcoming workshop on ABM in Fall 2021 (run my me (Diana!) and Prof. Susan Bailey (from Clarkson Biology).


Left to right:  Prof. Michael Twiss (Clarkson Bio), Thibaud Antoniou (Undergraduate), and Prof. Diana White (Clarkson Math). Thibaud presents at the Summer 2019 RAPs conference.

Undergraduate in Data Analytics

Thibaud developed a machine learning algorithm to determine the efficacy of weevils (a bio-control) at reducing invasive Eurasian watermilfoil in invested water bodies.


Bryan Kuhns shows award for best poster at the 2018 Summer RAPs conference.

Undergraduate in Mathematics

Brian analyzed models of Eurasian Watermilfoil growth.


Freddie Amoah-Darko

Graduate in Mathematics

Freddie studies models of microtubule dynamics. MTs are polymers in cells that are crucial for cell division, cell polarization, and cell structure.


Isabel Dengos

Graduate in Mathematics (graduate May 2020)

Isabel was instrumental in extending models of invasive Eurasian
watermilfoil growth to  a spatial model, so that we can understand how the plant grows and spreads.


William Annan

Graduate in Mathematics

William works on model of rod cell length dynamics. ODE models help to determine the mechanisms involved in steady-state/homeostatic length distributions, where we are gaining more insight into shedding dynamics as well as growth dynamics.

Students: Team Members
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