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A dynamical systems approach to modeling growth, spread, and control of invasive watermilfoil.

Current project members: Diana White and Jonathan Martin (Clarkson University, Mathematics), Michael Twiss (Clarkson University, Biology), and Kyle Monette (Clarkson Mathematics Undergraduate). Work is completed in collaboration with the Norwood Lake Association (NLA).

Past project members: Isabel Dengos (MSc in Mathematics, Clarkson)

*Project funded by the NYS DEC through their invasive species irradiation program.

In September 2016, I started modeling biological invasions in my own backyard (literally!). In particular, I'm working to develop a model to study the spread and biological control of invasive watermilfoil, one of the most invasive aquatic plants in the US. The test site I'm looking at is Norwood Lake (where I live), a small reservoir located along the Raquette River in Upstate New York.

Invasive watermilfoil project on Norwood Lake, Upstate NY

ODE modeling: Modeling watermilfoil growth in a dense patch

PDE modeling: Modeling the spread and control of invasive watermilfoil

Continuous models for growth, spread, and control: Inventory
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