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Project WHIRL (Protectors of the Watershed in the Indian River Lakes)

Project WHIRL is a volunteer program established  by the Indian River Lakes Conservancy (IRLC) (offering 6-12 volunteer and high school credit tracks) in 2019, that works to train tomorrow's watershed leaders. In summer 2021, I received a grant, along with collaborators at Clarkson, to run a the first ever high school track program, where students collected field data and used predictive modeling to determine the efficacy of biocontrol at reducing the invasive aquatic plant Eurasian watermilfoil.

Team members: Diana White (Clarkson Mathematics), Michael Twiss (Clarkson  Biology), Katie Kavanagh (Clarkson's STEM Ed Institute and Mathematics), Lisa Legault (Clarkson Psychology), Andrea Inserra (Indian River Lakes High School), and the IRLC.


WHIRL students working on predictive modeling!


WHIRL students and undergraduate mentors out in the field collecting model data


Lead teacher Andrea Inserra with WHIRL students, SUNY ESF faculty and grad students learning about

unnamed (1).jpg

Students win BIG at Clarkson's end of summer Research and Presentations 2021 showcase as "Emerging Sustainability Scientists".

Project WHIRL: Services
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