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Modeling the dynamics of Rod Cells in the eye

Current project members: Diana White (Clarkson Math), Abbie Jensen, (UMass Amherst) and William Annan (PhD Candidate, Clarkson Math).

*Funded through NSF Cellular Dynamics and Function

Rod cells are photoreceptor cells in the retina of the eye which are concentrated at the outer edges of the retina which are responsible for peripheral and night vision. These cells are different in function from cone cells, which are located throughout the retina, and are responsible for color vision. Our project aims to explore the mechanisms involved in preservation of rod cell length. In particular, individual rod cells undergo shortening (shedding) and lengthening events, but on a large scale, and over long periods of time, remain at a roughly constant/homeostatic length. Our models and experiments aim to explore the mechanisms involved in these shedding and growing processes, to better understand normal rod cell function.

Modeling rod cell dynamics: Inventory
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